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5 reasons to love the Staub Essential Pot

Blog Relish Decor Top 5 Reasons To Love Your Staub Essential Pot

Our latest cast-iron obsession is with the Staub Essential Pot, a new staple of cast-iron cookware.
These little beauties are also stovetop and oven safe, with enameled bottoms for safe cooking on a myriad of surfaces. Unlike the squared bottoms and flatter lids of Staub’s round cocottesthe Essential Pot features a more rounded interior and a domed lid. The shape lends itself for more even heat transference, perfect for risottos and stews, where even heating is vital.  

The Essential Pot is still pressure-based cookware, allowing steam to build and fall within the pot, thus giving your dish a fantastic braise. The lids of Staub pots are self-braising, and the Essential Pot is no exception, with swirled ridges along the interior, allowing for even condensation to take place directly inside your dish.
Unlike most cast iron cookware, Staub makes sure that the cast iron surfaces are enameled, meaning you won’t have to season them or risk food sticking and burning to the sides and bottom. This finish won’t wear off, and will only get better as you continue to cook with your pot 

Blog Relish Decor Top 5 Reasons To Love Your Staub Essential Pot

The Essential Pot comes in one handy, easily maneuvered size, perfect for that fabulous curry you take to all the parties, or the wine-braised short ribs you share with your significant other. Its sleek design is elegant and minimalist, sturdy enough for an all-day roast, but pretty enough to go right back onto your table for serving.  

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Top Five Reasons to Love your Essential Pot 

  1. Durability – allows for stovetop to oven cooking with ease. 
  2. Even Heat Transference – cast iron gets hot and stays hot. 
  3. Fabulous Braising – ridges along the lid’s interior make sure your dish is perfectly braised, getting those ribs to fall off the bone, every time.  
  4. Modern Design – contemporary style with classic features keeps your table updated, yet timeless! 
  5. Versatile Size— you’ll delight friends and family with endless dishes.
  6. We love the Essential Pot’s updated design, durability, and ease-of-use. If you’re hesitant to invest in a heavier Dutch oven but want to start using cast iron, the Essential Pot is a fabulous piece to take home. This little pot is perfect for nearly all of your cooking needs, and it will last a lifetime.