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5 Ways to Use a Pinch Bowl

At Relish Decor, two of the questions we get most often is in reference to our pinch bowls are: “what are these and how would you use them?” We love them and there’s so much you can do with them. While they may be tiny, they are a hero kitchen product and are mighty useful in a pinch (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Mise En Place (“Putting in place” or “Everything in its place”)

These darlings are helpful to keep you organized while you’re cooking or baking. Pre-measure your spices, chopped herbs, other small items so you have them ready to go.

Ring Holder

We love recommending these for a ring holder by your sink. The height of the bowl will keep your ring safe from falling.

Perfect Vessels for Condiments

Mix your ketchup and hot sauce in one of these for a spicy fry sauce; fill up with soy sauce and wasabi on your sushi night; chop and serve cilantro for Taco Tuesday; pour in red pepper flakes to use on pizza night…you get the idea.

Salt and Pepper Bowls

Perfect containers to store flaky sea salt and ground pepper by your stove so you can season your food easily.

Portion Control

Holds 2 ounces to help keep portions in check.

Olive Pit Bowls

Let guests put their olive pits in one of these. We recommend eating an olive before guests arrive and putting the pit in yourself so everyone knows what to do.

What are your favorite uses for pinch bowls?

Swing by to see us at Relish Decor today to add these handy bowls to your kitchen. Don’t forget they are also dishwasher and microwave safe.