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Beer + Bites Game Day Pairings


Last year we gave you some of our favorite beers to enjoy during the big game. This year we are taking things a step further by pairing the top brews with classic football snacks. Pick up an awesome bottle opener and get ready to impress your friends, these duos will definitely score a touchdown for their taste buds.

Waredaca Cabin 3 Berliner Weiss +  Potato Skins | An old world beer, made by one of Maryland’s newest craft breweries. This light-bodied thirst quencher will keep you coming back for more. It cuts through the rich cheese and smoky bacon of potato skins with bitter citrus notes gleaned from estate grown hops. $20 growler fill

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter + Chili | The malty sweetness of this dark beer balances the bold flavors of chili without getting lost in the background. A hop bite finish refreshes the palate between spoonfuls of spicy chili. $15 six pack

Dale’s Pale Ale + Mufaletta | A well-balanced pale ale, this canned beauty has the best of both worlds. Exotic notes of pepper and pine, combined with caramel malt and zesty hops, make this a natural pair for spicy Italian cold cuts and salty olive tapenade. $10 six pack

Anchor California Lager + Hot Wings | This pre-prohibition style beer  hearkens back to the full malt style of the 1800’s. A classic american beer to pair with classic american buffalo wings. The flavors of toasty barley and a delightfully smooth finish help tame the heat of hot sauce. $12 six pack

Not Your Father’s Root Beer + Vanilla Ice Cream | Okay, maybe this isn’t really a beer. It tastes exactly like root beer, but packs a gentle punch, making it the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth during the 4th quarter. Serve as an adult ice cream float. $13.00 six pack

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