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Cheese Plates with Relish Decor

Cheese Plates with Relish Decor

Pick Your Platter:

The Franklin Walnut Cutting Board
Constructed from solid black walnut wood, use one side to prep and the other side to serve your cheeses.
The Aldo Marble Serving Board
The wooden handle and beveled edge give an elegant touch. Conveniently, the marble surface will keep your cheeses at an ideal temperature to enjoy.
The Artist Palette Serving Tray
Made of sturdy ceramic and dishwasher safe. Make your cheese plate a real work of art.

Pick Your Cheese: The fun part!

Types: Most cheese belongs to one of four basic categories: aged, soft, firm, or blue. We always suggest including a variety so if you’re new to cheese plates try selecting at least one from each group. Below are some common examples. We highly recommend asking for recommendations from your cheesemonger. Feel free to mix between cow’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk for added variety.
Aged: Aged Cheddar, Gouda
Soft: Camembert, Chèvre
Firm: Manchego, Mimolette
Blue: Gorgonzola, Stilton
Amounts: If you are serving the cheese as an appetizer, count on having 3 to 4 ounces per person. If you are serving the cheese as an after-dinner course, count on 1 to 1.5 ounces per person. If you are only serving cheese (our kind of meal), count on 7-8 ounces per person.
Bonus Tips: Don’t forget to let your cheese come to room temperature before serving, use a separate knife for each cheese (especially the super soft varieties), and label cheeses so you don’t have to keep reciting varieties (handy for bigger gatherings).
Fill Out Your Board: Place the cheeses on the corners and in the middle, then arrange the rest of the accompaniments spaced out evenly around the cheeses.

Cheese Plates with Relish Decor

Pick Your Add-Ons:

  • Castelvetrano Olives – olives even people who don’t love olives will like
  • Fresh Fruits – apples, pears, figs, grapes
  • Dried Fruits – apricots, cherries
  • Savory – slow roasted tomatoes, peppadew peppers
  • Nuts – salted Marcona almonds, candied walnuts
  • Meats – prosciutto, serrano ham, salami
  • Spreads – quince paste, Ficoco spread (chocolate and fig), grainy mustard
  • Crackers/Bread – fresh baguettes, whole wheat crackers, water crackers, crisps, flatbreads

Pairing Ideas:

Try a regional pairing and match those cheeses to regional accouterments. Some of our favorites are below– don’t forget to pick out a great wine to accompany these combinations.
Spanish: Manchego with slow roasted tomatoes, serrano ham, raw honey. Cabrales (a blue cheese) with Marcona almonds, fresh figs, salami.
French: Camembert (try cutting off the top of the rind, warming it in your oven with a good drizzle of olive oil, minced garlic and chopped rosemary). Mimolette with dried cherries. Port Salut with fresh fruit.
Italian: Taleggio on warmed bread. Piave with speck (lightly smoked meat). Parmigiano Reggiano with Prosciutto.
American: Vermont Cheddar with granny smith apples. Humboldt Fog with pears and candied walnuts.

Cheese Plates with Relish Decor

Pick Your Knives:

Laguiole Stainless Steel Set   |   Laguiole Stainless Steel Bread Knife

Our Other Favorite Items:

Label Your Cheeses with:
Handy for Condiments, Olive Pits:
Wrap Up Any Leftovers:
Keep Your Wooden Board in Perfect Condition:

Relish Recipe: Midnight Kiss Cocktail

relish cranberry cocktail new years eve

Start the New Year with a sweet and tart cocktail.

It’s time to say goodbye to 2017. Every year is full of ups and downs, rosy memories and lessons learned. We like to send things off in style and, for us, that means Champagne. The Midnight Kiss cocktail is a palate-pleasing blend of bright cranberry juice, aromatic Gin, and, of course, classic bubbly (try swapping in pomegranate juice if you want to get extra fancy). When choosing your Gin, go for something lighter on juniper and heavier on fruit like Bols Genever or Nolet’s.

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Holiday Table Inspiration: Grown Up Green and Red

No colors bring to mind this festive time of year better than red and green. We’ve put a sophisticated twist on the classic Christmas color palette with this table setting. A rich burgundy, instead of Santa-suit red, is paired with lush greenery and metallic accents. Thanks to the calligraphy-style menus and place cards, the table’s overall look captures a casual yet elegant feeling. Guests will be in the holiday spirit from the moment they sit down!

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Relish Recipe: One-Pot Pork Tenderloin

Relish Decor Blog A La Mode Frederick MD Staub Pork Tenderloin Recipe

A cozy comforting meal to serve a crowd.

So, you just got a brand new, shiny Staub Cocotte. Time to throw a dinner party! This one-pot meal is sure to please the whole crowd. We paired lean and flavorful pork tenderloin with roasted apples and root vegetables for a fabulous fall dish. Browning is a breeze on the signature enameled cooking surface. Plus, the self-basting lid ensures meat stays tender while vegetables cook through. Best of all, Staub cookware goes straight from stovetop to oven to table in classic French style. Check out the recipe, write your guest list, and get cooking!

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Top Five Favorite Serving Pieces

How to set the perfect table at your next dinner party.

Sharing a meal with friends and family is one of the best ways to make new memories together. But hosting a dinner can be intimidating, even for a seasoned home cook. You can whip up an amazing and delicious roast, but how do you set the table to equal its elegance? Don’t let all of those serving pieces leave you flustered when you should be enjoying the evening! We’ve pulled together the top, must-have serving pieces for any host who loves to entertain. Plus, some clever tips for getting the most mileage out of those beautiful bowls and pretty platters.

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