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Classic Fall Tablescape


The fall season is plentiful with good food, drink, and endless opportunities to entertain. It’s a time for comfort and celebration. This fall as we head into entertaining season, we are inspired by the bright colors from fall harvest. For our fall tablescape, we refreshed a classic neutral table setting with fall-inspired color to create something sophisticated yet inviting.

Classic neutrals are often standard for holiday season because they serve as a base to complement other décor and are elegant in their simplicity. In order to stick to simple elegance and leave room for seasonal decorations, using a neutral base with place settings and linens is key. We set the table with our wood grain cream dinnerware and our beige table runner, revealing the natural wood of our table.


For our color, we chose a palette of three complimentary colors to play with, inspired by the season’s foliage, to add vibrancy and warmth: yellow, orange, and red. Choosing only three shades kept it simple, and choosing only one patterned item for the napkins to connect all the colors kept the table from becoming visually overwhelming. The utensils and placemats were solid colors in similar muted yellow tones. On each setting, a fresh red pomegranate anchored the deeper colors and the napkins—we used these instead of napkin rings.


Overall, the tablescape is still classic and understated elegance at its finest, with a few pops of unexpected color, and unexpected placement to keep things interesting. Using pomegranates in place of napkin rings was a surprise of color and setting for our guests. For more unexpected placement, we layered the utensils diagonally on different plates, parallel to the napkins in the bowls. One large bouquet of the season’s flowers and foliage brightened up the whole table and tied in all the colors.

This fall, an elegant table for entertaining is all about classic neutrals with understated pops of color and a little creativity.

Photo credit: Casey Maxon and Aurore Joigny