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Cookbook Review: Death and Co

Death and Company Relish Decor Bar Book Review

Fast Review: The essential guide to modern classic cocktails

This is the book your favorite bartender reaches for every day. Death & Co holds the key to a world of inventive twists on old standards. Its namesake bar is located in New York City. Some of the brightest minds in cocktail making collaborate there. After it opened in 2007, the staff started mixing up whatever their hearts desired and haven’t slowed down since. Like the best artists in any craft, the authors behind this book respect the classics. They know their history and improve upon historic recipes by tracking down rare and treasured ingredients. Add a copy of Death & Co to your home bar and change the way you drink!

Who’s Kitchen Would You Find It In: cocktail novices, curious imbibers, seasoned professionals


Death and Company Relish Decor Bar Book Review 2

Death and Company Relish Decor Bar Book Review 3

Nuts and Bolts:

This is so much more than just a collection of recipes. Death & Co strives to teach its readers how to actually make and craft a delicious, well-balanced drink. Each chapter builds on the previous section’s lessons, so read them in chronological order. Before you start shaking or stirring, first you learn when and why certain tools, ingredients, and techniques are used. The vital questions of ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ permeate every lines of these pages. No more mindless mixology!

In the first part, titled “A Night at Death & Co”, they pull back the emerald curtain. Readers see how a world-class cocktail bar goes from a twinkle in an entrepreneur’s eye to a smooth running machine. Next up is “Building a bar”. This is where you stock your bar pantry, so to speak. What ingredients are going to be worth investing in? What citrus juice can be prepped ahead of time? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more. Also included is a handy index of practically every spirit under the sun.

Then it moves on to “Building a Drink”, aka tools and techniques. If you want to make drinks consistently and accurately, this is the chapter for you. It also clarifies which drinks are stirred versus shaken and demystifies muddling. “Creating New Classics” is perhaps the most exciting section. It reveals how to brainstorm new drinks that actually taste good. Better than good. Once you can think like a Death & Co bartender, you are ready to move on to Chapter 5, “The Specs”. Here they compiled hundreds of recipes, both original and classic. As an added bit of fun, their favorite customers share anecdotes throughout the book. Crack that spine and raise the bar!

What to Make: 

When nothing but whiskey will do: live free or die (p.224), whirling tiger (p. 203), coffee and cigarettes (p. 205), tea in the Sahara (p. 208), conference (p. 137)

To push the envelope: golden gate (p. 211), arrack strap (p. 175), botany of desire (p. 162), naked and famous (p. 185), gypsy wedding (p. 157)

For something on the lighter side: pink lady (p. 148), flor de jerez (p. 107), gilda cocktail (p. 183), hyde park swizzle (p.250), mig royale (p. 224)

Death & Co is by Kaplan, Fauchald, and Day. Shop all of our cookbooks here!