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Cookbook Review: GQ Eats

GQ eats

Fast Review: Finally, your food can be as fashionable as your wardrobe.

GQ Eats, edited by Paul Henderson, is the most glamorous cookbook you will ever own. Its matte black cover and metallic gold accents hint at the gorgeously styled recipes within. Although the Brits have not always been known for their culinary expertise, in the past ten years there has been a food revolution across the pond. This book holds the ultimate collection of mouthwatering recipes for those who like to keep it classy in the kitchen. Pick up a copy here and get cooking!

Who’s kitchen would you find it in: James Bond, rock stars, stylish home cooks throughout the world.

fish and chips relish decor

Nuts and bolts

Once you crack the spine on this sleek volume, you’ll immediately be inspired by the astounding photographs accompanying each dish. Greasy fish and chips lie atop crumpled newspaper, wild mushrooms dot a perfectly portioned plate of risotto, and roasted lamb with pomegranate brings to mind a Pollack painting. Featuring recipes from Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, and many more this cookbook covers all culinary bases offering special chef’s tips along the way .

It begins with the most important meal of the day, a chapter called Brilliant Breakfasts. Learn how to make the fluffiest buttermilk pancakes or impress your friends by whipping up homemade eggs Benedict. No more sad breakfast burritos from the convenience store, it’s time to make your own  complete with fresh pico de gallo and heart-healthy poached chicken. Next up is a section packed full of favorites from over the pond. Always wondered what bubble and squeak actually is? Well now you can cook this satisfying dish of fried root vegetables right in the comfort of your own kitchen. The traditional Lancashire hotpot (an English version of Shepherd’s pie) is included,  as is the iconic appetizer of potted shrimps on toast. Even divisive black pudding is re imagined as a burger served with a topping of treacle bacon.


A balance is struck between the Boy’s Night In and Health-Conscious Classics sections. The former highlights recipes for man-sized meals, ranging from the jalapeno-laden Jose Dog to gourmet chicken nuggets spiced with Japanese Togarashi. The latter offers made-over fattening favorites such as chicken korma made with yogurt in place of butter and a no-bun burger topped with homemade ketchup. Then the book moves onto fine dining with a chapter on Michelin-Star meals. Iconic dishes, such as Daniel Boulud’s steak tartare and Michel Roux Jr’s lobster mango salad, are broken down into simple steps that home cooks can easily follow.

Al Fresco Eats covers the art of eating in the great outdoors. From grilling to picnics, it has everything you need to master flavorful vegetable kebabs, seaside razor clams, and crispy chicken salad. Following behind is a section titled Pub Food Favorites where every recipe in this chapter is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. A few stand-outs are the beer and vodka battered fish ‘n’ triple cooked chips, along with sausage rolls dipped in truffle sauce.  The Rock ‘n’ Roll Roasts chapter is exactly what it sounds like: a guide to cooking all types of meat to perfection. Rounding out the menu are the Just Desserts and Cocktail Hour chapters because no meal is complete without a sweet finish or an ice cold drink.

What to make

For poker night: truffled egg toast (p.17), meatball sliders (p. 67),  salt and pepper squid (p.153),  roast chicken, ample vegetables and roasting juices (p. 167), ice cream sandwiches with salted caramel sauce (p. 192)

To impress the ladies: coconut and ricotta pancakes (p. 25), seared salmon with avocado, sweetcorn and tomato salsa (p. 79), green mango salad with grilled chicken and quinoa (p. 121), strawberry and pistachio crumble (p. 189)

Instead of dining out: Parmesan grits with wild boar sausages and soy-pickled mushrooms (p. 19), veal cutlet Milanese with braised endive (p. 73), whole stone bass with sumac, orange and fennel (p. 181), caramelized apple tart (p. 191)

GQ Eats is edited by Paul Henderson. Shop all of our cookbooks here!