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Cookbook Review: Mug Cakes Chocolate

Relish Decor Mug Cakes

Craving chocolate? Short on time? At Relish Decor, we’ve got your fix. Get ready to welcome “Mug Cakes: Chocolate” into your life (and your heart). This book is chock full of recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth in a hurry. How quick you ask? Well, most of these recipes will take two minutes in the microwave. Swing by and check this one out today!

Fast Review: Look no further to find the yummiest chocolate cake.

The book is written and photographed by Sandra Mahut and illustrated by Jane Teasdale. The book contains over 30 recipes for quick and delicious chocolate cakes. The best part is how little time they take so you can get that sweet fix ASAP.

Who’s Kitchen Would You Find It In:

Chocolate Lovers, Dessert Fans, Bakers in a hurry

Relish Decor Mug Cakes

Nuts and Bolts:

This book has very little in the way of an introduction. It whets your appetite right off with a “Contents” page before giving the reader a glimpse into what goes into a mug cake. Readers take note about the “equivalent weights” in this chapter because it will come in handy when you’re ready to make your recipe. “A few tips” is helpful, as well, giving you tips for the lightest fluffiest mug cake you can make and the ideal microwaving technique.

“Mug Cakes: Chocolate” hops right into the recipes. We start off with the classic chapter titled “Chocolate Basic.” The recipes in here are anything but basic and even provides a recipe to share (if the mood strikes you, of course). “Two Flavours” focuses on chocolate and another flavor. These are all fun options to spice up a normal cake flavoring. Some options feature Oreo cookies, Ovaltine, praline, and fruit. Up next is the tasty chapter “Melt in the Middle” which is all recipes that feature a melty center. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want a mug cake with a deliciously melted center? The final chapter is “Swirls” which is a self-explanatory chapter featuring swirled mug cake options: trust us, your Instagram is waiting for a picture of one of these.

Relish Decor Mug Cakes

You can’t go wrong with this selection. Consider pairing this book with a witty mug for a perfectly personalized gift. If you know someone heading back to college after winter break, tuck this in with their piles of clean laundry and be prepared for the deluge of genuine thanks coming your way. The question isn’t if you need this book– it’s which mug cake are you going to make first?

What to Make:

From “Chocolate Basic”: Classic Cocoa Mug Cake (p. 6), Milk Chocolate Crunchy Mug Cake (p. 14)
From “Two Flavours: Chocolate + One Other)”: Oreo & Milk Chocolate Mug Cake (p. 26), Dark Chocolate Black Forest Mug Cake (p. 38)
From “Melt in the Middle”: Nutella Mug Cake (p. 44), Dulce De Leche Melt-in-the-Middle Mug Cake (p. 58)
From “Swirls”: Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl Milk Chocolate Mug Cake (p. 68)

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Relish Decor Mug Cakes