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Cookbook Review: The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland


Fast review: Fresh ideas and modern recipes for cooking with and for each other.

The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland is more than just a collection of recipes.  It’s a guide to nurturing your marriage through food.  Copeland, a Food Network veteran, is passionate about sourcing the best ingredients and using them to make feasts of all shapes and sizes. In her gorgeously photographed book she encourages couples to garden together, shop together, and cook together.

The book has everything a couple needs to build a life together in the kitchen. From breakfasts worth waking up for to campfire cooking, it covers every facet of cooking. Treat yourself or a couple you know to a copy, it will leave you with full stomachs and even fuller hearts.

Who’s kitchen would you find it in: Newlyweds, couples looking to bond in the kitchen, anyone who believes that food = love


Nuts and bolts

To start, the book offers guidelines for establishing a stocked pantry and for shopping seasonally at the market. Ingredient highlights from each season are listed, along with home gardening tips. Then, it delves into tempting brunch recipes for those lazy Sunday mornings you will spend together. Whether you’re sharing the daily paper over Monday morning muesli or enjoying a breakfast of multigrain pancakes in bed, these recipes will start your day off right. Next up are little meals, including soups, salads, sandwiches, and ‘lots of elegant eggs’. These offer economical and healthy options for quick lunches or dinner on the go.

The main course recipes are divided amongst three chapters: supper, comfort food and date night. One great feature is that most of these dishes serve two with just enough leftovers for later in the week. Skewered lamb with tomato couscous, double-dip roast chicken, and gardener’s pizza are sure to tempt your palates.  Vegetable courses have their own chapter where Copeland highlights beautiful produce using simple cooking methods. The embellishments and indulgences sections tie up things nicely, featuring recipes for sauces, snacks, drinks, and desserts.


As the book draws to a close, two other types of meals are explored. First up are gatherings where family and friends come together and eat. Each feast features a hand-picked menu, spanning from a ‘crack your own crab’ party to a snow day soirée. Last are escapes for bringing a meal along with you on an adventure. Tips for packing a picnic and cooking over a campfire will inspire you to eat out in the fresh air.

What to make

For a romantic night in: two-for-two cheese soufflé (p. 157), baked risotto with roasted vegetables (p. 115), deep-dark-secret chocolate cookies (p. 261)

As a midnight snack: skillet cornbread (p. 130), marinated avocados (p. 198), baguette BLTs with Moroccan mayo (p. 95)

When you host your first dinner party: black-eyed pea and manchego dip (p. 212), make ahead lasagna (p. 137), olive oil cake with tangerine marmalade (p. 251)

The Newlywed Cookbook is by Sarah Copeland. Shop all of our cookbooks here!