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Cookbook Review: The VB6 Cookbook

Relish Decor Cookbook Review VB6 Mark Bittman

Fast Review:

Mark Bittman expands on his bestselling breakthrough diet plan VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health…For Good. This book provides a flexitarian approach to cooking to help you ease into VB6 and make it a permanent style of eating.
Who doesn’t know Mark Bittman? He is one of the country’s most well known and respected food writers. Ever heard of the “How to Cook Everything” books? That’s him. This cookbook is focused on his diet plan which he credits for turning his life around.

Who’s Kitchen Would You Find It In:

Bittman fans, health-conscious eaters, those looking for an easy and practical approach to eating better

Nuts and Bolts:

The glossy pages start off with an Introduction: My Story chapter which details Bittman’s seven-year experience with VB6. This approach for him has allowed him to lose weight quickly, easily, and keep it off for the better part of ten years. Quite an accomplishment. He sets out the two essential rules for the program: from the time you wake until 6 PM (or dusk/dinnertime) you eat as a strict, mindful, well-nourished vegan would which means no animal products, no junk food, and no highly processed foods…and then do whatever you want for dinner (just until dinner is over, not until midnight). The concept is really simple: eat more vegetables, fruits, less processed foods and practical because the approach of doing what you want for dinner enables you to have some freedom and makes you more likely to stick with the mindset. This is not a diet plan necessarily but instead, it is a way of eating.

Relish Decor Cookbook Review VB6 Mark Bittman

The next chapter is “Eating VB6” which includes the sections “The Unlimited Pantry”, “The Flexible Pantry”, “The Treat Pantry” and “A Month of VB6.” This is the breakdown before the recipes of how to use the book, how to look for nutritional information, and how to stock your pantries. “The Unlimited Pantry” is about the foundational fruits and vegetables of the diet. Your options and choices are broken down here in a way that makes them appear extensive. Bittman tells you how to what vegetable or fruit group you’re looking at, what they are, the best time of year to eat them, how to store them and the best way to prepare them. There is also a section on condiments and seasonings which can enhance your unlimited pantry items. “The Flexible Pantry” is about foods that have a high-calorie density. These are still necessary foods for you (loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, etc) but should not be the bulk of your meal. The next section, “The Treat Pantry”, includes items like eggs, cheeses, meats, etc. These are the items you’ll have on your plate after 6 PM. The section ends with a meal plan for a month so that readers are set up for success.

The rest of the book is broken down into standard chapters: “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, “Snacks”, “Dinner”, “Dessert” and “VB6 Building Blocks”. The final chapter discusses the make-ahead basics that help form a foundation for the VB6 lifestyle. The philosophy is simple: “when you have a salad ready to go, for example, you’re more likely to eat salad.”
The recipes in this cookbook are approachable and practical. Bittman’s earnest wish to help readers embrace a healthier lifestyle echoes through the pages. If you’re interested in changing the way you eat for the better, swing by Relish Decor to pick up your copy today!

Relish Decor Cookbook Review VB6 Mark Bittman

What to Make:

For Breakfast: Blueberry Spoonbread (p. 69), Green Apple Stir-Fry with Cashews (p. 76)
For Lunch: Moroccan Potato Salad (p. 98), Rhubarb and Red Lentil Soup (p. 103), Edamame Fried Rice (p. 115)
For Dinner: Jicama Salad with Salmon Steaks (p. 163), Gingered Rice with Chicken (p. 176), African Style Chicken Stew (p. 180)
For Dessert: Tropical Fruit Pudding (p. 205), Pears with Crisp Topping (p. 212)