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Creazy good whipped cream!

Creazy Chantilly wipped cream

In the mood for fresh and fluffy whipped cream? Welcome Cookout’s Creazy into your life. Stop by Relish Decor today to pick up one of these little delights. With the holidays just around the corner allow Creazy to make your desserts that much better.

How To Use:
-Place cream into the jar
-Add icing sugar (or table sugar)
-Optional add-ins: Vanilla, Cinnamon (highly recommended with pumpkin pie)
-Add the Creazy balls
-Secure the lid and shake with two hands
-Once the cream is whipped up (in just a few minutes!), remove the balls and enjoy!
*if you don’t use it all, the cream will keep in your fridge.

Use to top your holiday pies and elevate your winter hot chocolate (and wait patiently for spring/summer to bring around fresh strawberries and peaches to savor with your homemade whipped cream).