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Etiquette: Elegant Place Setting

Relish Decor - Place setting

Setting a table is easier than it seems. Whether you are aiming for beautiful and basic or formal and fabulous, following a few easy rules can save you a lot of headache! Check out our helpful graphic above, then read our infallible tips below.

RULE 1: Utensils are arranged in the order in which the diner will use them – from the outside in. Think soups and salads before steak.

RULE 2: Except for a few exceptions, forks go on the left of the plate and knives on the right.

RULE 3: Don’t set utensils you are not going to use. If you are not serving tea, ditch the tea spoon.

A few more words of wisdom:

  • It is your choice if you would like to set the dessert silverware out at the beginning of the meal or right before serving it.
  • You can either set the napkin on the plate or outside of the forks.
  • If you plan on serving bread, add a small plate above the forks to the left of any dessert silverware.

Enjoy and feel free to share pictures of your beautiful holiday table settings!