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Gifts for the Entertainer

Relish Decor Gifts for the Entertainer

Looking for the perfect gifts for your favorite entertainer? We’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas here for the consummate hostess. Come by today to take a gander at gifts that are sure to be a delight.

Marble and Brass Cheese Board: Words can’t express how much we love this stylish board. Marble boards are ideal for their cool temperature which helps keep them naturally nonstick (perfect for pastries, cheese, and chocolates). This board looks even more elevated with brass details and would make the perfect gift for your favorite entertainer.

Relish Decor Cheese Plates Thanksgiving

Tea Towels: Everyone loves a good tea towel (and everyone needs a few on hand). These towels are made from 100% cotton so they are super absorbent. We keep a variety of colors and styles on hand so you can find the perfect fit.

Laguiole Collection: There is nothing like the gift of Laguiole cutlery. We have a variety of picks available for the entertainer in your life: a bread knife, a three-piece cheese set, a two-piece carving set, a six-piece knife set, a six-piece fork set or the twenty-four piece dinner set. You are getting the quality stainless steel accented with the traditional Laguiole Napoleon bee packaged in a gorgeous wooden butcher block. Any Lagioule piece is a delight to use and a piece they will treasure for years to come.

Embossed Tumblers: How cute are these? These tumblers are functional yet have oodles of style. Enjoy the vintage flair as you sip on whiskey or water. They mix well with glassware your host currently has and can go in the dishwasher for easy clean up after a dinner party.

Pasta Bowls: These understated beauties are a real treat to give. Our Forum Pasta bowls make the perfect gift for the entertainer. They have a variety of rich colors to choose from and are dishwasher safe. What’s better? You can even put them in the oven or the freezer. Functional and incredibly stylish they make the perfect vessel for delicious meals.

Relish Decor Pinch bowl

Pinch Bowls: Perfect for your prepared entertainer. You can never have enough pinch bowls around your kitchen (or all over your house). They have tons of uses and we have several colors to choose from. Curious what all you or your entertainer would use these for? Come by to see us and we’ll share some of our favorite tips.