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Holiday Table Inspiration: Grown Up Green and Red

No colors bring to mind this festive time of year better than red and green. We’ve put a sophisticated twist on the classic Christmas color palette with this table setting. A rich burgundy, instead of Santa-suit red, is paired with lush greenery and metallic accents. Thanks to the calligraphy-style menus and place cards, the table’s overall look captures a casual yet elegant feeling. Guests will be in the holiday spirit from the moment they sit down!

Place cards are a wonderful and traditional way to arrange dinner guests for the best flow of conversation. For this setting, we used miniature gold clothespins to fasten cards to water goblets. The natural torn edges of the paper and organic watercolor effect keep things from getting too stuffy.

Mixing metals is a bold way to say “Let’s celebrate!”. Gold rim striped plates play off of rose gold flatware and a hammered pewter charger, offering maximum impact. A berry-hued napkin with the menu tucked inside finishes the look.

Instead of traditional fir branches, we’ve selected a garland of mixed foliage for the centerpiece. Trailing along the table, dotted with red blooms and ornate pillar candles, it makes a statement without blocking the view. Take advantage of winter’s coziness by lighting those candles as soon as the sun begins to set. Voila! Instant ambiance.

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