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Picnic Basket How-To

Getting outside in the summer is all about enjoying the weather and relaxing.  If you’re planning a romantic picnic date or outdoor get-together with friends, don’t stress about packing.  Here are our top tips for packing the perfect summer picnic.

Using real linens, plates, and glassware will take your picnic up a notch, so leave the paper plates at home.  Picnics and outdoor parties are the perfect reason to save worn or lightly stained tablecloths and napkins, or to buy those vintage linens for pennies at the flea market—plus, they double up as packing material for old plates and glasses.

Pack your heaviest items like plates, a cutting board, and storage containers on the bottom so they don’t crush other items, like glassware or fruit.  Then, layer your tablecloth or picnic blanket on top as a cushion.

Roll up delicate glassware in napkins, and put these and other delicate items, like cheese and bread on top. We wrapped our cheeses in cheese papers so we wouldn’t have to fuss with plastic on our picnic.

Though real silverware is great, it adds unnecessary weight to a picnic basket.  Use high quality reusable plastic utensils instead.

Pack wine or other beverages separately in a drink tote so they don’t weigh down or crush other items in your basket, and have your friend help carry the drinks.  Happy picnicking!  Shop picnic items.

Photo credit: Casey Maxon and Aurore Joigny