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Sweet Summer Picnic

Our recent local travels inspired us to put our heads together to plan the perfect romantic summer picnic.  Who doesn’t love a good picnic?  We set a sweet and romantic tone for our picnic date by mixing in vintage linens and floral details.  Using real linens, dishes, and glassware made the picnic a little more sophisticated, but keeping the menu simple—crusty bread, cheeses, fresh fruit, cured meats, and local wine—kept the ambiance relaxed and carefree.

Picking a great outdoor setting doesn’t have to be difficult.  Nearby parks or wineries with a great view are sure to set a romantic tone—just check the weather beforehand, and don’t be afraid to spend a little time wandering around to find the perfect spot.  Our pair had a ton of fun strolling through the vines at this local winery to find a nice, flat picnic spot with a view.

Their fuss-free food was wrapped up in cheese papers and glass storage bowls, and served on a Farmhouse Pottery wood cutting board with a mouse cheese knife.

Check out our Picnic Basket How-To post for tips on packing the perfect picnic basket.  And don’t forget to shop our picnic items.  Happy picnicking!

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Location: Orchid Cellar Winery / Clothing and Styling: Velvet Lounge / Photo Credit: Casey Maxon and Aurore Joigny