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Charley Harper + Todd Oldham Glassware and Why We Love Them

Relish Decor Charley Harper Todd Oldham Glassware

Some pieces just dance on the shelf! Some of our favorite pieces at Relish Decor are our Charley Harper + Todd Oldham glassware collaborations with iconic New York brand Fishs Eddy. We’re obsessed with the minimal realism that captures so much movement and life!

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Top Engagement Gifts

It’s no secret why the holiday stretch between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is often called “engagement season”—lots of festivities, time with family and friends, thoughtful gifts, and endless opportunities for romance (time to pop the question!) lead many couples to the next step.  After all that holiday shopping, who has time to start thinking up new gift ideas for the happy couple?  Luckily, we’ve done the thinking for you.  Here are our favorite engagement gifts.

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