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Top Engagement Gifts

It’s no secret why the holiday stretch between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is often called “engagement season”—lots of festivities, time with family and friends, thoughtful gifts, and endless opportunities for romance (time to pop the question!) lead many couples to the next step.  After all that holiday shopping, who has time to start thinking up new gift ideas for the happy couple?  Luckily, we’ve done the thinking for you.  Here are our favorite engagement gifts.

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By The Fire

After we were done lounging and snacking, we finished our glamping party with some cozy time by the fire.  We used a metal fire pit on the grass and made makeshift benches and end tables from cut logs.  To stay warm, we kept a blanket nearby and served hot chocolate.  The adults also had some other libations to keep them warm.

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Have S’more, Make a Treat

For our glamping party, we had to have a s’mores bar, but since we were glamping and not just plain old camping, we wanted to display our sweet treats with style.  We styled our goodies on wooden cake stands of different heights made out of natural wood logs for visual interest.  Mixing crystal, glass, and chalkboard containers to hold and display our s’mores-making supplies made the display more sophisticated.  The skewers for roasting marshmallows were put in a glass decanter for easy access and to add height.  We spent a bit of time decorating our S’mores Bar sign on a chalkboard hanging sign and hung it up on the firewood pile behind everything.

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