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By The Fire

After we were done lounging and snacking, we finished our glamping party with some cozy time by the fire.  We used a metal fire pit on the grass and made makeshift benches and end tables from cut logs.  To stay warm, we kept a blanket nearby and served hot chocolate.  The adults also had some other libations to keep them warm.

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Cozy Autumn

Cozy Autumn

It may be a bit early to get excited about getting bundled up and cozy, but with these cooler evenings, we can’t help it.  We have so much in store for fall this year, and we’re getting started by creating our cozy autumn color collection.  These warm reds, browns, and navy tones are muted by a soft cream, and are sure to get you in the mood for cooler days, too.  Stay tuned for more autumn buzz on the blog.

We’ve curated a collection of “cozy autumn” items in warm tones.  Shop the collection.

Photo credit: Casey Maxon and Aurore Joigny