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Cookbook Review: Tasting Paris – 100 Recipes to Eat Like a Local

Tasting Paris Cookbook Relish Decor

Fast Review: Everyone knows Paris is a culinary destination. Combine the beauty of the city with the charm and enthusiasm of author, Clotilde Dusoulier, and you’ve got a hundred recipes for success (not to mention inspiration to plan a trip to Paris). Grab this look and say oh là là!

Clotilde Dusoulier is a French food writer based in Montmartre, Paris. Her blog and cookbooks are all about celebrating the joys of cooking and being truly excited about it. She believes recipes should be simple, approachable, with a creative twist. She lives in a culinary mecca and gives readers her look into the vibrant and robust Parisian food scene. Readers of this book will fall in love with her accessible recipes, delightful stories and the beautiful photography (of both the food and the city)!

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What Staub is right for you?

Relish Decor What Staub is right for you

Let’s talk to Staub. We all know Staub is a well loved classic. It isn’t hard to see the beautiful pieces and fall in love but sometimes it is hard to figure out what piece is best for you (the easy answer is all of them). Here is our break down of some of the most popular Staub pieces.
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Cookbook Review: Country Cooking of France

country cooking of france cookbook review relish decor 2

Fast Review: Be your own chef de cuisine with this quintessential French classic.

The French countryside is the home of many culinary daydreams. Despite its humble origins, the food from these regions holds the fascination and respect of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. Each area, pays, contains a treasure trove of fresh ingredients and specialty foods. Anne Willan of La Varenne cooking school uses her masterpiece, The Country Cooking of France, to capture the essence of timeless dishes. Her extensive research, years of experience, and deep appreciation for the culinary trends of France make this book indispensable in any kitchen. Once you have your copy, simply start cooking to become an authority on French food!

Who’s Kitchen Would You Find It In: simple food lovers, Julia Child followers, Francophiles

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Vendor Spotlight: Laguiole


Have you ever noticed our steak knives feature a bee on the handle and an elegant pen-knife design?  Those beauties are hand-crafted by the artisans at André Verdier Laguiole Cutlery (pronounced “LAYOLE” in Occitan), a company that has been nestled in the French countryside of Auvergne for over 150 years.  In that time, they have perfected the traditional Laguiole style of fine cutlery and knives. Read on to learn more about the history and culture behind this iconic brand.

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