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Bar Tools 101


Everyone enjoys a fancy cocktail once in a while, especially here in Frederick where we have tons of great bars to choose from (The Tasting Room, VOLT, and Cafe Nola to name a few). But what if you want to try your hand at recreating one of those drinks at home? You can easily find recipes online and the ingredients at a well stocked liquor store. The tools, however, are a different story. They can be confusing, pricey, and difficult to find. Read on to find out what tools a beginner bartender should always have on hand.

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Game Day Brews

Flying Dog Easy IPA Relish Decor

The big game is almost here, make sure your fridge is stocked with the best brews! We picked out our favorite craft beers (and one cider)  for you to enjoy while cheering your team to victory. Whether you are rooting for the Patriots, the Seahawks, or just for a good game, these beers will satisfy any palate.

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Glamping: Style Recap

We loved mixing boho and glam for our glamping party.  We went all out with a tent draped in blankets and pillows to lounge in, gourmet s’mores bar, and cozy fire pit seating for the end of the night.  In case you were wondering how we put our shindig together, here are a few tips.

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By The Fire

After we were done lounging and snacking, we finished our glamping party with some cozy time by the fire.  We used a metal fire pit on the grass and made makeshift benches and end tables from cut logs.  To stay warm, we kept a blanket nearby and served hot chocolate.  The adults also had some other libations to keep them warm.

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Glamping with Pinterest


Glamping brings together natural elements and luxury.  For our glamping party, we drew our inspiration from different styles: boho, grunge, glamour, and vintage.  We mix-and-matched everything from pillows to barware to create an eclectic vibe with warm tones and a lot of sparkle.

Have S’more, Make a Treat

For our glamping party, we had to have a s’mores bar, but since we were glamping and not just plain old camping, we wanted to display our sweet treats with style.  We styled our goodies on wooden cake stands of different heights made out of natural wood logs for visual interest.  Mixing crystal, glass, and chalkboard containers to hold and display our s’mores-making supplies made the display more sophisticated.  The skewers for roasting marshmallows were put in a glass decanter for easy access and to add height.  We spent a bit of time decorating our S’mores Bar sign on a chalkboard hanging sign and hung it up on the firewood pile behind everything.

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Glamping the Night Away

It’s no secret that we love great style and décor.  We’ve also mentioned that we have a penchant for mixing styles, like in our Elegant Outdoor Entertaining post.  Since autumn is a transitional season, mixing in the last bits of vibrant summer color with cool weather from the frost to come, it seems like the perfect time for layering colors and combining two ideas that normally oppose.  Hence, glamping: camping + glamour = a little grunge and a lot of style.

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