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Father’s Day Favorites

fathers day polyvore relish decorFather’s Day is coming up fast, but it’s not too late to grab the perfect gift for dad!  This collection of leather accented aprons, super-sharp steak knives, and artisan bar products is sure to earn you brownie points. If you’re really looking to impress him, pick up a handheld smoking gun, complete with classic smokehouse wood chips. It’s the grilling gadget he won’t be able to put down all summer.

1. Bittermilk Oaxacan Old Fashioned $18 | 2. Mini Button Thermometer Set $20 | 3. Birdkage Peyton Apron $144 | 4. Laguiole Steak Knives $98 | 5. Brew Bread Mix $10 | 6. Jack Rudy Aromatic Bitters $16 | 7. The Smoking Gun $138 | 8. Smokehouse Collection Wood Chips $46



Vendor Spotlight: Jacobsen Salt Co.


jacobsen 1

You might think you know salt. Ben Jacobsen wants you to think again. A few delicate flakes of his Jacobsen Salt Co. finishing salt on your morning eggs and toast will completely change the way you see this humble ingredient. Harvested from the chilly waters of Oregon’s Netarts Bay, these pure sea salts are in a class of their own.  World-renowned chefs such as Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, and April Bloomfield all swear by Jacobsen and use it exclusively in their kitchens.  Read on to learn more about the artisan salts, seasonings, and sweets offered by this great American company.

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Gifts For Your Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, give your honey something sweet.  These selections are sure to make your sweetheart smile, whether they love cooking, baking, entertaining—or just need a sweet reminder of love from you!  Happy Valentine’s Day.

1. Bungalow Muffin Pan – $36 / 2. Sterling Silver Whisk Necklace – $88 / 3. 12″ Pink Cake Pedestal – $88 / 4. Dip Dye Placemat Honeysuckle – $12/each / 5. You Are My Sunshine Mug – $14 / 6. Paris in Love Photobook – $16.95

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Top Engagement Gifts

It’s no secret why the holiday stretch between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is often called “engagement season”—lots of festivities, time with family and friends, thoughtful gifts, and endless opportunities for romance (time to pop the question!) lead many couples to the next step.  After all that holiday shopping, who has time to start thinking up new gift ideas for the happy couple?  Luckily, we’ve done the thinking for you.  Here are our favorite engagement gifts.

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Vendor Spotlight: Dana Young Jewelry

Dana Young Jewelry is designed and handmade by Dana Young, who started her own company right here in Frederick, MD after ten years in the jewelry industry.  Dana’s company goal is to give your life value by “creating jewelry that makes you look and feel fabulous doing it.”  As a bonus, Dana stays true to her own values through Dana Young Jewelry—each item is made with as much recycled metal as possible and 10% of all profits are donated to animal welfare organizations.  The pieces are quirky, unique, and beautiful, encouraging each of us to “save the world and look cute doing it.”  Needless to say, we were so excited to collaborate with Dana on a special piece just for us!

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Gifts for the Hostess

If you’re not sure what to get your friends and family who always host, these ideas are perfect as holiday gifts or hostess gifts at holiday parties.  For all the hosts and hostesses out there, these are great gifts that will help them help their guests and keep everything neat and tidy.

Gifts for the Hostess

Numerical Coaster Sets – $14 / Set of 4 Linen Napkin Set – $72 / Chalkboard Tablet – $26 / Half Apron – $55 / Baker’s Dozen Tasting Spoon Set – $88

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Photo Credit: Casey and Aurore Maxon

Vendor Spotlight : Dough Uprising


One of the perks of having our shop in downtown Frederick, MD is all of the great local businesses in the area. Needless to say, we were thrilled when Mark and Laicie founded Dough Uprising bakery earlier this spring and began popping up at nearby farmers markets. Armed with only a rolling pin and a big dream, this Frederick power couple set out to bring fabulous, delicious, seasonal pies to the masses and to break the world of its cupcake obsession.

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Top Ten Stocking Stuffers

Need some last-minute gift ideas or cute little add-ons?  These are our top ten holiday gifts under $30, and they are sure to please without breaking your budget.  From the baker or cook, to the tea or coffee lovers; from the booze enthusiasts to the entertainers, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list with these stocking stuffer suggestions.

1. Steep Up to the Plate Tray $12 | 2. Let Them Drink Coffee Mug $16 | 3. Polka Dot Nut Bowl Gift Set $16 | 4. Savor and Send Recipe Cards and Envelopes $12.95 | 5. Jacobsen Vanilla Bean Finishing Salt $11.95 | 6. Owl Measuring Spoon Set $18 | 7. Bittermilk No.1 Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Mix $18 | 8. Rewind Champagne Candle $28 | 9. Whisky Stones Set $22 | 10. Antler Bottle Opener $16

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Gifts for the Baker

Struggling with your holiday shopping?  We’ve got you covered.  Here are our top gifts for your top bakers.  These gifts for the baker are functional, beautiful, and sure to produce something truly delicious. Bake up some love.

Gifts for the Baker

Dipped Baker’s Pin – $55 / Gluten-Free and Vegan Holidays – $24.95 / Vermont Maple Syrup – $18 / Magnetic Kitchen Timer – $17 / Pantry Bowl – $85 / Waxed Canvas Apron – $94

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Photo Credit: Casey and Aurore Maxon

Gifts for the Wine Lover

Struggling with your holiday shopping?  We’ve got you covered.  These selections are for the wine lovers in your life.  These wine accessories and themed gifts are perfect for your vinicultural friends as thoughtful gifts, stocking stuffers, or even paired with their favorite bottle.

Gifts for the Wine Lover

Best Corkscrew in Ebony – $18 / Wine Tote– $22 / Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc Finishing Salt – $11.95 / Rewined Wine Under the Tree Candle – $28 / Vintage Doorknob Wine Stopper – $39

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Photo Credit: Casey and Aurore Maxon