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Gifts for the Hostess

If you’re not sure what to get your friends and family who always host, these ideas are perfect as holiday gifts or hostess gifts at holiday parties.  For all the hosts and hostesses out there, these are great gifts that will help them help their guests and keep everything neat and tidy.

Gifts for the Hostess

Numerical Coaster Sets – $14 / Set of 4 Linen Napkin Set – $72 / Chalkboard Tablet – $26 / Half Apron – $55 / Baker’s Dozen Tasting Spoon Set – $88

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Top 10 Little Kitchen Helpers

Whether you’re doing the cooking or you’re going as a holiday guest, these kitchen items are a double treat—cute and super helpful for the holidays.  These are our top ten little kitchen helpers, keeping you clean, organized, and adorable while you do it.  All items are easy to use and easy to wash.

1. Birdkage Black Stripe Half Apron $55 | 2. Ceramic Dozen Egg Crate $18 | 3. How to Boil an Egg Cookbook $35 | 4. Magnetic Yellow Kitchen Timer $17 | 5. Ceramic Polka Dot Measuring Cups $14 | 6. Salt Cellar $16 | 7. Amy Sedaris Glass Storage Bowl Gift Set $26 | 8. Polka Dot Dish Towel $12 | 9. Cutting Mats Set $12 | 10. Small Yellow Berry Basket $8