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Vendor Spotlight: Tippleman’s Syrups

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You already know and love the fabulous craft cocktail mixes from Bittermilk.  Their newest project, Tippleman’s not quite simple syrups, gives your home bar a serious upgrade. From barrel smoked maple syrup and lemon oleo saccharum to burnt sugar and ginger honey, these sweeteners are the secret ingredient to a perfectly balanced drink. Read on to learn more about the Tippleman’s line of syrups and how they can step up your cocktail game.

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Vendor Spotlight: Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.


Step away from the grocery store tonic, and pick up a bottle of Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic instead. You’ll thank me. This elixir is hand made in Charleston, SC from all-natural ingredients, and it’s an entirely different species from the over-sweetened grocery store variety most people call tonic. Jack Rudy Cocktail Company is working hard to bring back ‘long forgotten staples of the American bar’ so people can make drinks that their great-grandparents might have once enjoyed.

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Gifts for the Mixologist

We’ve been picking out our favorite gifts for the chef and for the entertainer, but we haven’t forgotten about our cocktail lovers—here are our favorite gifts for the mixologist, cocktail lover, and booze enthusiast.  These selections are our bar favorites, from stocking the bar, to crafting your drinks, and learning the trade.

Gifts for the Mixologist

Trident Bar Spoon – $10 / Cocktails for the Holidays Book – $19.95 / Whisky Stones Set – $22 / Linen Bar Towels Set of 2 – $48 / Bittermilk No. 1 Cocktail Mixer – $18

Shop gifts for the mixologist or check out our web store for more amazing gift ideas.

Photo Credit: Casey and Aurore Maxon

Relish Decor Mixer- Bittermilk + Flying Dog Brewery Recipes

To say that we love Bittermilk cocktail mixers is an understatement, so when we partnered up with our favorite brewery, Flying Dog to create delicious Beer Cocktails we were more than excited. So then it began, several nights with Flying Dog taste testing, mixing and remixing, drinking, and taking notes (or at least trying to)- and delicious Bittermilk Flying Dog Recipes were born.  The five perfectly balanced cocktails honor both the Bittermilk Mixer and the Flying Dog Beer, neither one overtaking the other. Five cocktails, with five different beers with each of the five Bittermilk mixers.

Like any great party hostess, we know that with great cocktails comes great food. Brian Voltaggio’s VOLT Restaurant was the perfect space to launch our event. They dressed up our cocktails with just the right amount of complexity and served amazingly delicious food pairings for each of the cocktails. Every guest took home the cocktail recipes so they can now recreate the Relish Decor Bittermilk Flying Dog Cocktails at home for their enjoyment.

Is your mouth watering yet? Pick up some Flying Dog Beer, swing by Relish Decor and get your Bittermilk and start making these cocktails in your home. We can’t wait to hear which ones are your favorites.

Relish Decor VOLT Bittermilk Flying Dog Recipe Card