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Best Pinot Noirs for Thanksgiving

pinot noirs best wine thanksgiving holiday relish decor

Ah, the dreaded holiday wine pairing. So many rich foods and flavors, not to mention pressure to impress your guests! Rest easy, we did the work for you this year. Pinot Noir is one of the most food-friendly varietals. As a low tannin red wine, it is gentle enough on the palate to let your cooking shine through without getting lost in the mix like many white wines do. Read on to get our top five bottles of Pinot, along with some tasting notes to show off your newfound wine knowledge. Now you just need to tackle roasting that turkey!

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Gifts for the Wine Lover

Struggling with your holiday shopping?  We’ve got you covered.  These selections are for the wine lovers in your life.  These wine accessories and themed gifts are perfect for your vinicultural friends as thoughtful gifts, stocking stuffers, or even paired with their favorite bottle.

Gifts for the Wine Lover

Best Corkscrew in Ebony – $18 / Wine Tote– $22 / Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc Finishing Salt – $11.95 / Rewined Wine Under the Tree Candle – $28 / Vintage Doorknob Wine Stopper – $39

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Photo Credit: Casey and Aurore Maxon