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Wedding Rings 101

How to pick the perfect wedding bands:

We all know how easy it is to agonize over every detail of your wedding (like which gorgeous dishes to register for). But, in the end, it all boils down to just one day! Try to focus your energy on the decisions that will stick with you after the ‘I do’s. Take wedding bands, for example. This is the jewelry you wear every day for the rest of your lives. There is your engagement ring to consider and the 4 C’s to study, plus a budget to stick to. Make sure you and your rings live happily ever after by reading on and following our advice!

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Daphne + Ryan: Charming Backyard Wedding

Relish Decor Blog Backyard Farm Wedding Brian Virts Photography

Is there anything sweeter than a summertime backyard wedding? The simple romance of Daphne and Ryan’s big day on their family farm is sure to capture your heart. Wisps of waxflower blooms, accents of lace and burlap, blushing pink dresses, and a few country touches made this a celebration to remember. Their classic take on a traditional rustic style offers tons of inspiration for brides planning rural ‘I do’s’. Read on to see all of the gorgeous details from this charming countryside ceremony!

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