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Top 5 Kentucky Bourbons for Derby Day


The fastest two minutes in sports are almost here! Derby Day is coming up and what better way to enjoy the race than with a refreshing mint julep? We were inspired by this tasty cocktail earlier in the week, and it has been a tradition at Churchill Downs for almost a century. Bourbon is mixed with sugar, crushed ice, and fresh mint for a delicious warm-weather drink. So put on your hats and place your bets because these bottles are the best Kentucky Bourbons we could rustle up.

Buffalo Trace | A favorite for mixed drinks, this bourbon is made by the same distillery as legendary Pappy van Winkle. Aromas of sweet cream and honey mingle with tastes of pepper and sherry. A hint of peppermint on the finish makes this the ideal julep ingredient. $36

Eagle Rare | Aged for a minimum of 10 years and delightfully complex. Hay, leather, toast, and molasses are just a few of the unique flavors that that hit the nose and tongue. $38

Whiskey Sister | Heady vanilla and warm caramel fill the palate, cut nicely by spicy oak tannin. At only 80 proof, it’s good for drinking all day. $27

1792 Ridgemont Reserve | This bourbon, named for the year Kentucky became a state, is aged for 8 years in charred barrels. It’s rich, velvety texture and tropical fruit aromas make this bottle a winner. $38

Blanton’s Single Barrel | The world’s first single barrel bourbon, featuring a horse and rider figurine on it’s stopper. This classic bottle has notes of orange peel, toffee, and clove. $47

Photo: Blanton’s Bourbon

Maple Old Fashioned Cocktail


There’s a chill in the air and leaves are crunching under your feet, fall is in full swing.  Now all you need is the perfect autumnal cocktail to sip on during these cool evenings.  Well, we did a little researching for you and found the perfect fall drink: the maple old-fashioned.

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Featured Cocktail: Bittermilk No. 4 New Orleans Style Old Fashioned Rouge

When it comes to a good cocktail, we know faster isn’t always better.  Bittermilk is a line of cocktail mixers we love, focused on real ingredients, interesting flavors, and bar-quality taste that’s easy to make.  Lately, we’ve been feeling a little edgy and getting inspired with bohemian trends for fall.  Bittermilk’s No. 4 New Orleans Style Old Fashioned Rouge is definitely a little bohemian and a lot of class.

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