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Textured Tablescape


Winter is a time of stillness, quiet, and restoration. The cold weather keeps us inside our homes, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the many facets of decor. For our winter tablescape, we were drawn to textures of all types. We kept the color palette neutral in order to highlight the rich materials and organic shapes.  The result is an understated, elegant setting that captures the coziness of the season.

Even though our focus was on textural elements, we wanted to keep the overall impression very modern. By blending in platinum based glassware and free form china, the rustic beige linens could shine without overpowering the other components. Olive wood Laguiole flatware contributed a natural flair, while the shiny stainless steel running through each handle tied in the metallic napkin ring and glasses.

texture tablescape 5


The varied stripes on the tablecloth, along with the napkin’s hand-tied crown stitch, drew attention to the table’s sophisticated simplicity. As the centerpiece, we chose an assortment of serving vessels made from various materials. The striped wood panels of the base cutting board evoked the pattern of the tablecloth beneath it. A spouted stoneware bowl rested atop the stacked marble cheese tray and wooden cutting board, creating height and visual interest. Contributing another form of texture, the ridges along the inside of the bowl were formed by the potter’s hands as they molded the clay.



We also incorporated a glass salt cellar full of Maine sea salt to add a functional element to the textural theme. The faceted glass played off of the other linear shapes and patterns.  A hand-carved beech wood spoon rested gracefully in the heap of rocky salt, perfect for seasoning food as it arrived at the table.  This centerpiece perfectly showcases how decor can be both beautiful and practical, especially during these months of hibernation.

For winter, let lavish textures and creamy neutral colors kindle a comfy, relaxed feeling in your home.