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Thanksgiving Cheese Plate

Relish Decor Cheese Plates Thanksgiving

Are you in search of a holiday appetizer to keep guests in line until the turkey is ready? Allow us to suggest a Thanksgiving cheese plate guaranteed to look stunning, taste fantastic and keep peckish guests happy. Read below for some Relish Decor tips:

Have enough cheese on hand per person: Ideally, you want 1 to 1 ½ ounce of cheese per person.

Cheese types: There’s never a wrong choice but if you want some specific guidelines here is what we recommend– one or two hard cheeses to appeal to everyone palette (a nice cheddar or manchego), one gooey brie, one soft cheese, and one experimental cheese (truffled, peppered, mixed with fruit). You want to have a safe option but also a variety. We highly recommend labeling or having a notecard by the cheese tray in case guests have questions (this will also spare you from having to answer questions while you finish up dinner).

To blue or not to blue: Not everyone is a fan of blue cheese. Still want to serve it? Ask your cheesemonger for a mild recommendation and serve with some honey.

Relish Decor Cheese Plates Thanksgiving

Experiment with different accouterments: Add on a different in season vegetable or fruit to your cheese plate to amp up the autumnal vibe. Some of our favorite ideas are sliced persimmon, pumpkin butter, dried apricots or marinated mushrooms. Crackers, sliced apples, and crostini are all great vessels for cheese. We also love to have a grainy mustard somewhere on the board. Olives, sundried tomatoes in brine, spicy peppers all make for fun additions.

We’re nuts for nuts: Nuts will help fill in empty space on a cheese board and are just plain delicious. For a little something different we suggest roasting your own. Take a flavor that compliments another component of your board or pick a savory spice you like and roast away. One of our favorite combinations is a spicy rosemary nut. If you really want to elevate your nut mix try using black truffle oil or salt. Don’t forget to check for guest allergies ahead of time and separate the nuts or omit them all together.

Consider vegetarian friends: We suggest keeping your prosciutto or salami on a separate platter or corralled in a bowl on the cheese plate.

Relish Decor Cheese Plates Thanksgiving

Style it: Fill in empty space with dried cranberries and sprigs of rosemary or sage for an earthy effect.

Leftovers?: Try brie with your leftover turkey and cranberry sauce on a warmed roll. We also love cheddar with thick cut ham. Craving more cheese? Make the ultimate grilled cheese by mixing any leftover varieties you have.

Don’t forget to serve your cheeseboard at room temperature.

What essentials do you need from Relish Decor?

The best cheese knives  |  Effortlessly wrap up leftovers  |  A real stunner of a serving board  |  The perfect pan to warm up some olives with rosemary and orange zest  |  To inspire your next cheese adventure