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Top Summer Beers of 2016

There is no doubt about it, summer is the season of beer. We’ve done the research to find five bottles you will find yourself reaching for again and again. Thirst-quenching cream ales, lemony tart blondes, and spiced up local suds are just a few of this year’s picks. Step out of the ‘put-a-lime-in-it’ box and into the wonderful world of warm-weather craft beers!

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Our Top Summer Beers:

Flying Dog Brewery Dead Rise | A Chesapeake Bay classic, Old Bay has a special place in our hearts. This spiced beer pulls double duty: steam your blue crabs in it and then drink as you enjoy the feast!  Rye malts, along with citrusy hops, keep the palate balanced and refreshing.  $10.99

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice | This cream ale from California practically screams sunshine.  Affectionately described as cream soda for adults, it has just a hint of nostalgia in its caramel notes and clean, crisp finish. A perfect lakeside sipper. $10.49

Dogfish Head Festina Pêche| Beer aficionados flip for this unique Berliner Weissbier brewed with fresh peach juice. Rather than sweetening it, they allow the natural fruit sugars to be fermented. This results in a complex, lightly malted, and fabulously tart beer.  $8.99 4-pack

Victory Summer Love | Ah, the bittersweet memories of a summer crush. This American blonde ale captures both sides by pairing vibrant malt character with potent European hops. Bring this wide-appealing beer to your next party and everyone will thank you. $9.99

Stiegl Radler | Essentially a grapefruit malted soda, this German classic is delightfully thirst quenching and happily low in alcohol. Pair with a squeeze of lemon and a shot of Campari for a fantastic ‘hoptail’ spritzer. $9.99

Don’t forget to make sure you have the right glasses to appreciate these amazing brews!