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Vendor Spotlight: ÀPlat

Relish Decor Aplat-culinary-tote-heath-ceramics-chambrayAllow us to introduce Àplat.
This San Francisco-based kitchen essential maker emphasizes quality and sustainability in their multi-use bags.

Àplat, from the French “to keep flat”, makes convenient, reusable and sustainable totes to carry food, wine, bread and garden essentials. Pack up a picnic or potluck and take on weekend trips.

Made from 100% organic cotton canvas produced from environmentally friendly sustainable fibers—important to supporting local resources, labor and manufacturing.
Relish Decor Aplat-culinary-tote-heath-ceramicsTotes are reusable and washable making them one of the handiest kitchen essentials in your kit!
Àplat’s smart design eliminates the need for hardware, and since every cut is accounted for, 100% of the yard fabric is used resulting in zero waste of raw materials.

The denim from their denim totes comes from surplus from a local cut factory.
Relish Decor Aplat-Grand-Produce_grandeFrom grocery shopping, to a potluck party, to the perfect hostess gift – we know that you will love your Àplat tote bags as much as we do!