Vendor Spotlight: Birdkage


Birdkage designer Courtney Robinson says on her company website “fashion is a part of life” and explains that her designs are meant to “blur the line between form and function”—in other words, her designs are both beautiful and practical.  All of her creations are entirely designed and produced in New York City.

Courtney and Baileygravel-waxed-market-tote-bag-navy-red-stripe

We love their “Chelsea” Waxed Market Tote Bag with a classic navy and red stripe to carry all your farmer’s market goodies or necessities for a trip to the beach.  This item features hand-cut leather straps and hand-hammered rivets.  All stitching and grommets are double reinforced to last you a long time.  It’s made of a natural waxed heavyweight cotton duck, which means easy cleaning.  It even comes with a wax kit for touch ups.  Available in two colors in-store only.


This one-of-a-kind Shibori Indigo Bib Apron is individually hand dyed using the ancient Shibori technique and natural plant derived indigo.  Made with preshrunk 100% Eastern European linen, this apron is perfect for hosting and entertaining.


The rugged Barley Waxed Mini Bib Apron is stylish and durable with rip-stop stitching and wax finish. It’s perfect for getting messy in the kitchen or garden and easy to clean.  Simply wipe clean and occasionally touch up with wax. Comes with a reusable drawstring bag and wax kit.

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Photo credit: Birdkage