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Get fancy with Fancy Panz


If you haven’t heard of FancyPanz then get ready because you’re going to need one for yourself (and one as a gift). We all take foil pans to potlucks, tailgates, and parties. We’ve all used them when entertaining at home. Have you ever thought “I wish this looked nicer?” or “I wish this felt sturdier?” Well, FancyPanz solves that problem (and more). Here’s how to use them:

You have two size options:

Use With Riser-Standard half foil pan
Use Without Riser-Baking/Lasagna foil pan


  • Place your hot or cold dish into the FancyPanz (please note: food temperature should not exceed 300 degrees)
  • Snap the clear lid in place for travel
  • Lift the lid and store it discreetly under the FancyPanz
  • Need to leave the party early? Just lift the foil dish from the FancyPanz and be on you’re way!

Fancy Panz Relish Decor

Our Favorite Features (aside from the fact that they just look GOOD):

They store easily! FancyPanz stack for easy transport and storage.
FancyPanz are top shelf dishwasher safe which means they are super easy to clean. No fuss, no muss.
No mess. That’s right. You heard us. There’s no chance the foil pan is gonna crumble or get messy. You put it in the FancyPanz and it’s supported. Say goodbye to messes caused by flimsy pans.
Did we mention they are made entirely in the USA and are BPA free?

Stop by Relish Decor to grab yours in time for the holidays!