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Vendor Spotlight: Finex

Relish Decor Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Our latest cast iron addition to the Relish family is Finex cast iron cookware, and we are so excited to introduce you all to these gorgeous American-made pieces.

Each piece is completely made from start-to-finish in Portland Oregon at the Finex factory, invoking a sense of traditional American craftsmanship and quality. The pieces are hand-forged and hand-finished to ensure exact standards are met, from the smoothly pre-seasoned surface to the ergonomic vintage-stove handles.

Relish Decor Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Finex cast-iron is polished to a higher degree than standard cast-iron pieces, and pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil to give the cooking surface a bronze sheen and an unparalleled nonstick quality. This allows for eggs to release quickly, for quickly-stirred risottos to not stick to the pan, all without any added toxic chemicals.

You’ll notice a unique handle on the pans and pots, bringing to mind vintage stoves. Made from stainless steel, they are designed to stay cool longer and to fit more ergonomically in the hand, allowing for ease of cooking.

Relish Decor Finex Cast Iron Skillet

The unique octagonal shape of the pans lets larger spatulas fit in each pan, as well as providing easy pouring spouts for sauces and other liquids.

For grilling at home or outdoors, Finex grill pans are an absolute must! Created with a slight bubble in the middle, the nearly-imperceptible curve allows for grease to run down and along the sides, giving your dish a healthier edge while also allowing for easy clean-up.

Relish Decor Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Top Five Reasons to Love Finex
  1. Cast iron cookware gets hot and stays hot!
  2. Nonstick pre-seasoned cooking surface for cooking ease.
  3. Vintage-styled handles are gorgeous yet ergonomic.
  4. American-made goods pay it back to the community.
  5. Cast-iron’s durability ensures it’ll last generations.

We’re in love with Finex’s fab design and their innovative cast-iron cookware, and can’t wait to cook with them for years on end!