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Vendor Spotlight: Hedley & Bennet

hedley & bennet apron relish decor

Here at Relish Decor, we love seeking out unique and exciting vendors that we can introduce our customers to. Our spanking new apron line by Hedley & Bennett is definitely one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. These aprons are handmade in Los Angeles from start to finish using top grade materials such American canvas, raw Japanese selvage denim and European linens. Each piece possesses a quality as high as the clothes they’re meant to protect and each fabrication detail has been carefully considered to handle the rigorous daily use experienced in a working kitchen. These babies are built to last. Read on to learn more about what it takes to join the Apron Squad!

hedley & bennett relish decor 1

It is no surprise that founder Ellen Bennett got her start working in restaurants. All of her aprons feature thoughtful details that take them above and beyond in the functionality department. From fully adjustable straps with brass hardware to chest pockets designed specifically to hold sharpies, they are as at home in a Michelin star dining room as a home kitchen.

hedley & bennett relish decor 2

The one-inch fusible interlining sewn into the bottom hem makes sure the edges never curl or warp, no matter how often you wash tomato sauce off of it! We wear our aprons loud and proud, and you should too. Click here to join the Apron Squad, then watch the video below for an inside peek at Hedley & Bennett headquarters.