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Vendor Spotlight: Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.


Step away from the grocery store tonic, and pick up a bottle of Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic instead. You’ll thank me. This elixir is hand made in Charleston, SC from all-natural ingredients, and it’s an entirely different species from the over-sweetened grocery store variety most people call tonic. Jack Rudy Cocktail Company is working hard to bring back ‘long forgotten staples of the American bar’ so people can make drinks that their great-grandparents might have once enjoyed.


The family run company is named after the founder’s great-grandfather who lived his eccentric life as a true southern gentleman. It’s said he made his own bullets, was a marvelous dancer, and “was known to overindulge in drink, smoke, and his wife’s gourmet cooking.”  His tonic recipe was passed down through generations, until the family decided to share it with the world. Along with a backbone of quinine from cinchona bark, cane sugar and other botanicals are blended to form a flavorful syrup.  The tonic is essentially a quinine concentrate, designed to be combined with your favorite vodka or gin and then lengthened with soda water. The resulting drink is refreshing, clean, and remarkably well-balanced.


A recent addition to the lineup from their Lexington, KY branch is the Small Batch Elderflower Tonic. Produced using organic elderflowers and a touch more quinine than their traditional recipe, it has a fuller body and bolder finish. The elderflower tonic is perfect for pairing with richer spirits, as well as a more hearty G&T option for the winter months. It is also absolutely delicious on its own with soda water as a sophisticated soda alternative.


The Small Batch Grenadine embodies exactly what grenadine should be – pure pomegranate flavor with a touch of orange blossom. Once you taste it, it’s impossible to go back to the neon pink junk you find in other bars. Rich, yet full of an almost tropical brightness, this grenadine will elevate both new concoctions and classic cocktails (we recommend the Red, White, and Blue).

jack-rudy-bitters-relish decor

In a collaboration with Colorado’s Cocktail Punk, the Small Batch Aromatic Bitters are the final piece of this boozy toolkit.  They are a sophisticated take on an approachable and versatile bar staple. Use them in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned and bring your cocktails to the next level. Or for relief from a nasty hangover, just add a generous amount to ginger ale and set yourself back on track.

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Photos : Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.