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Vendor Spotlight: Tippleman’s Syrups

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You already know and love the fabulous craft cocktail mixes from Bittermilk.  Their newest project, Tippleman’s not quite simple syrups, gives your home bar a serious upgrade. From barrel smoked maple syrup and lemon oleo saccharum to burnt sugar and ginger honey, these sweeteners are the secret ingredient to a perfectly balanced drink. Read on to learn more about the Tippleman’s line of syrups and how they can step up your cocktail game.

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Lemon Oleo Saccharum, a classic punch ingredient from the 19th century, adds delightful notes of candied lemon and citrus blossom to any cocktail. Each batch takes over one hundred twenty man hours to produce, but the result is well worth it. Two thousand lemons are carefully peeled by hand and then steeped in organic cane sugar to draw out the natural oils. Stir a splash in with aged spirits, like whiskey, or brighten up a gin drink.

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Ginger and honey are a match made in heaven. Delicate notes of wildflower honey are perfectly complemented by fresh ginger juice in this tasty concoction.  The picante flavors pair especially well with tequila and mezcal, and also make a lively addition to your iced tea!  Another variety from the line is Barrel Smoked Maple.  Whiskey barrels are shaved, soaked in bourbon, and cold-smoked beneath organic maple syrup to lend a gentle smoky finish. Try it in an old fashioned, and prepare to have your idea of the classic cocktail turned on its head.

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The final syrup is Burnt Sugar, made by kettle-cooking organic cane sugar very slowly until it passes the point of caramelization. As the molasses darkens it brings out notes of toast, smoke, and dried sour cherries. Pour a bit into a whiskey sour or mai tai for an exciting, bittersweet twist.

A parting thought: these syrups were made to be experimented with, don’t let our serving suggestions dampen your creativity!

Have a great cocktail recipe that uses a Tippleman’s syrup? Send it our way. Find more ways to raise the bar here.

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