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Signature Wedding Cocktail 101

Relish Decor Signature Wedding Cocktail 101 Guidelines to make the perfect drink

In the modern age of endless Pinterest inspiration, weddings are more personalized than ever! You already built the perfect gift registry, picked out your monogram, and curated an entire stationary suite from invitations to favor tags. Our favorite way of bringing unique flavor into the details of your big day is creating a signature cocktail. Shake things up and introduce your guests to something outside of the ‘gin and tonic’ box!  Read on and learn how to build a bar offering that represents you two as a couple.

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Here are some helpful guidelines for designing a drink that suits your style:

  • Forget about color – It can be tempting to force a wedding color palette on your drink choice, but this often leads to lots of artificial dyes and ingredients (which you do NOT want to have spilled on your dress). Focus on flavor rather than looks and you can’t go wrong!
  • Go to the market –  Local produce can be a great way to capture the seasonal feeling of your wedding. Try citrus & spice in winter, herbs & rhubarb for spring, berries & melons for summer, and pumpkin & apple for fall.
  • Tried and true – If you have trouble starting out, go with a drink that has a proven track record. Think of your favorite go-to cocktails, like an old fashioned or margarita, and branch out from there.
  • Consider the theme – Your wedding theme can be a compass leading you to a cocktail that matches your vision. Traditional brides may prefer a classic French 75 while backyard BBQ brides are drawn to spiked lemonade!
  • Memory Lane –  Are there any drinks that have special meaning in your relationship? Consider what you sipped on your first date, the night you got engaged, etc. Just make sure to have an adorable sign at the bar explaining your story.
  • Make it a double – If you and your fiance can’t decide on just one drink, it might be wise to compromise and offer a ‘his’ and a ‘hers’ option. This can also make a fun game at the end of the evening. Plus, you find out which choice guests enjoyed the most!