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Name Change 101

So your one true love put a ring on it…you’re getting married! You set a wedding date, found a dress, and built your registry; now it’s time to choose what surname you’ll use after the ‘I do’s’. Grooms often think this is a no-brainer, but us ladies know better. Each couple should consider all of the options before deciding which path is right for them. Whether you designed a new monogram the day after you got engaged or you are still on the fence, read on for a variety of modern alternatives plus ways to make the transition stress-free!

Here are some common (and not so common) choices for changing your name:

  • Keep your maiden name – Maybe your last name is a big part of your personal or professional identity, maybe you don’t want to lose that connection with your family. Whatever the reason, about 30% of brides  choose to keep their name the same after the wedding.
  • Take your partner’s last name – It could be that sharing a name speaks to the tradition of marriage and the formation of your new family. Or you could simply prefer their last name to your maiden name!
  • Make your maiden name your middle name – This allows you to maintain close ties to your family, while still forming a new connection within your marriage. Making this switch is a very popular option for brides looking to have the best of both worlds!
  • Have him take your name – Go against the grain and have him adopt your surname!
  • Take a brand new last name – You know that super awesome mash-up of your names that you used as a wedding hashtag? That hybrid could be the perfect way to title your new family.
  • Hyphenate – Meet your partner in the middle, with a hyphen. This option let’s you have both names, although it can become cumbersome when making introductions or booking flights.
  • Combo! – Don’t be afraid to buck tradition and go your own way. Combine options that speak to you, maybe taking your partner’s name legally while still using your maiden name professionally.

monogram even relish decor

Here are a few tips too ensure the switch goes smoothly:

  • Make sure to get certified marriage licenses.
  • If you plan on doing the leg work yourself, start with the social security office and then take care of your driver’s license.
  • Don’t forget to change any credit cards, car registrations, bank accounts, property titles, and insurance policies.
  • Let the internet take care if it for you! With sites like, just fill out a single form and you’ll be on your way.