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What Staub is right for you?

Relish Decor What Staub is right for you

Let’s talk to Staub. We all know Staub is a well loved classic. It isn’t hard to see the beautiful pieces and fall in love but sometimes it is hard to figure out what piece is best for you (the easy answer is all of them). Here is our break down of some of the most popular Staub pieces.

The Cocotte:

What doesn’t this one do? The Cocotte is perfect for soups or tender slow-cooked meats. It looks beautiful left out on the stove top, especially when you select an option with a pop of color. It features the patented self-basting spikes for continuous basting and the enamel is slightly textured for better browning. Also, if you need a conversation starter for that dinner you’re hosting using one of these: did you know there are two definitions for cocotte? One is our beloved covered, heatproof dish or casserole and the other is, well…a fashionable prostitute.

Consider Size Here: If you’re cooking for two, we recommend the 5.5 Qt Round Cocotte. If you entertain frequently and think a bigger size is the better fit, go with the 7 Qt Round Cocotte. If you plan to utilize oven cooking more often than stove top, the 8.5 Qt Oval Round Cocotte can’t be beat and looks really stunning when presented for a one pot meal.

The Grill Pan & Press:

Words cannot express how useful this is. The cast iron retains and distributes heat evenly while the press allows you to cook both sides of your food at once. The ridges on the pan’s surface creates authentic grill marks and the spouts on either side allow fat to be poured off. Stove top grilling is twice as efficient with the press. This is perfect for people who love grilling food.

The Braiser:

This will become your go-to. You can use it as a skillet, a sauté pan, a baker. It makes for a stunning table presentation too. The domed lid seals in moisture for tender results and the enamel finish is incredibly durable.

Recipes to try with your…


Vegetable Pilaf with Saffron and chicken breasts

Grill Pan & Press:

Pepper Steak