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You Are My Sunshine

Looking for a color palette to inspire some fresh additions to your kitchen? Our suggestion is to incorporate some sunny yellow additions. Yellow always feels happy, optimistic and bright. If you’re looking to add some cheerful color to your home, here are our top picks!

Yellow Pamela Colander: Our favorite colander is incredibly durable– it’s enamel on steel and the color stays fresh. Cook up your favorite pasta dishes, rinse off all your fruit, and even feel free to leave this beauty on your counter for a pop of color and style.

Abbesses Dinnerware Sets: This clean and contemporary set is practically perfect in every way. Simple, charming, and practical (microwave and dishwasher safe!). This place setting is perfect for every day entertaining. The sunny yellow outline looks so fresh against the white and the contemporary shape has so much character. Already obsessed with Abbesses Dinnerware? Don’t forget the entertaining staples like the serving bowl and oblong platter.

Berry Basket: The perfect size to hold all of your summer berries as they come in. How stunning do strawberries or blueberries look in this yellow piece? You’ll have to see it for yourself (and then Instagram it!). Perfect for storage, perfect for a fun centerpiece idea, great to store sponges by your sink– what are you waiting for?

Homemade Summer: Yvette van Boven is one of our favorite authors. Her “Homemade” books are fantastic. These cookbooks feature beautiful food photography, incredibly detailed step-by-step instruction, and lovely hand-drawn artwork. The recipes are accessible and delicious. Trust us when we say, you can flip to any page and immediately want to make whatever happens to be on it. A tome that will leave you inspired for all of Summer.

Sparrow Tea Towel: A sunny and springy addition to your kitchen all year long. What an easy what to incorporate some sunshine with this beautiful tea towel. It’s made of 100% cotton and super absorbent.

Essential Honey Pot: Can this little darling be any sweeter? Made of sturdy glazed stoneware and made complete with a little wooden dipper, imagine this on your counter. Fill it up with wildflower honey and enjoy all the sweetness life has to offer.

When Life Hands You Lemons Wall Art: Here is something to make you smile every time you see it. Easy to hang, perfect over a bar cart, and a beautiful example of typography.

Essential Round Spatula: A classic kitchen essential, this silicon spatula is a necessity for any home cook or baker. Perfect to help you with summer pies and baked goods. Its safe for use on all types of pans (even delicate non-stick).