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Berti Knives Red Insieme Collection


Meaning “together” in Italian, the Insieme collection features a kitchen knife with its own magnetized wooden block. Choose the knives that suit your cooking style and then put them together for a customized set that is visually intriguing and fits your kitchen needs perfectly. Forging sharp, handmade cutlery in the hills of Tuscany since 1895, Coltellerie Berti represents a family tradition that is authentically Italian. Without any division of labor, each knife is the completed product of a single artisan and bares the initials of that artisan’s name. Born of individual artistry in lieu of industrial production, each is an enduring heirloom that can be heralded without being coddled.

This item is part of a special order collection that is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.